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election, must be obamacare. and all of its aspects and the cool thing about obamacare is it is not only bad for the economy and bad for people's health. it's also bad for freedom of conscience. it's bad on a whole variety of issues that will energize all across america. >> folks feel the way that you do. that could change. if obamacare kicks in and people are getting better healthcare at a less expensive price, things could change. >> you know, come on, bill, you know that's not going to happen. telling us. >> 7 a% it's not going to happen. there is a 25% that it might. you are a movie mogul now. got a movie company. film out now "35 seconds" tell us what the film is. >> it's called the christmas candle it feeds into the points that you have talked about, the war on christmas. this is a christmas movie at christmas time. if you look at all of the reviews from those who are people of faith or faith publications, it was wonderfully reviewed. yet all the secular folks just hammered it what's this religion at christmas time? it really is as you talked about. really not a war on c
or 80 percent. >> that's obviously an elective things. >> it's not. he is a woman trapped in a man's body and that's very psychologically damaging. >> we're not going to make fun of that. >> i'm not but he says it's dis heartening. >> transgender people have their reasons for what they do but it's not life threatening, it's this would make my life better so it's optional. >> the taxpayers are picking up a part of that tab, not the whole thing. >> if you have cancer or something, as you said, aids, they pick up the whole thing? >> the problem with cancer, if you are diagnosed and you want the chemo right away you get in line for a few months. a lot of people don't think it's acceptable to wait for chemo. >> a lot of people come here. >> even with cancer you got to wait? >> you do. >> jesse watters, everybody. as the factor moves along this evening, brit hume and michelle obama talking about personal things. is that a smart thing to do politically? charges that singer katy perry is anti-japanese. you're not going to believe what's going on here. we'll analyze and hope you stay tuned
about midterm elections now. they are not going it appeal obamacare. that ship has sailed. this is about using this to win 2014. >> let's take the political element because it's boring. what if monica says and rove says and krauthammer says is true? >> let me give you some family. the kaiser family. >> no. what if they say ise you going t does collapse, are you going to say yeah, it was -- as you are accusing the right wingers of doing or are you going to go down because as you said president obama is going to go down with the ship. >> if it does collapse. i don't believe it will. >> if it does. >> if, if, if. it's not going to collapse. more people are signing up. four times as many people sign on in november. republicans want to repeal it, they could. frayed once people get it they're not going to want to give it up. they will like it like they like medicare and medicaid. >> what's critical people who enroll. they need the young healthy types to sign up. >> to-to-support the old sick types. >> premiums are going to start spiking next year. >> i don't want to do that i don't want it do
to 80%. >> that's obviously an elective thing. >> no, it's not. he is a woman trapped in a man's body. and that's very psychologically damaging to him. i'm note making fun of this. but he says it's very disheartening. >> right. transgendered people certainly have their reasons for what they do. and that's legitimate. >> right. >> but it's not a life threatening you got to get it fixed or you're going to die. >> no. >> this would make my life better. so it's optional. >> taxpayers are picking up part. >> but not the whole thing. but if you're a cancer patient or have aids, the whole boot. >> the problem with cancer, if you're diagnosed and you want the chemo right away, they'll put you in line for a few months. >> you have you to wait. >> a lot of people don't think it's accept to believe wait for keep moment. >> a lot of thousands come here. if you got cancer, you want it treated right away. even with cancer, you got to wait. >> you do. >> all right, jesse watters, everybody. >>> brit hume on michelle and barack obama talking about very personal things. is that a smart thing to do pol
of the book" segment, pinheads of the week. mcgurk elected vice president biden for saying this to some japanese women. [ inaudible ] well, that was quick. why is he a pinhead? do your husbands like you working full time? >> well, he was supposed to talk to them about the impact of women in the corporate workplace, not how your husband feels about working full time. it would be what the ilk that supports him is called sexist, but at least he didn't drop any f-bombs. >> but japan's a different culture, though. you know, historically, the japanese man and the woman stays at home. maybe he was getting into that, gutfeld. >> no, no, no. biden is a tool, but he's a literal tool in that he's used by the white house to deflect from the disaster on 1600 pennsylvania avenue, and at least his incompetence is incom humorous humorous, not destructive like barack obama. >> maybe he was trying out a line for debating hillary in 2016. i don't know. hypocrisy. >> i didn't see anything wrong with it for the record. gutfeld has an interesting pinhead of the week. it has to do with butterflies. roll the t
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)